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Promoting Your Product Through Giveaways And Samples

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When you have a product that you want to promote, sometimes a giveaway or promotional item is a good way to do that. In some cases, the promotional item might be something related to the product branding on it, other times it might be a sample of the product for people to try. Depending on the product and the industry you are in, giving away a sample of the actual product might not be possible; that promo items could be your best option. Read More»

How To Keep Your Vintage 'Vette Looking Mint

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You did it. You finally bought a vintage ‘Vette, and it is a sweet ride. There is just one problem. How do you keep this classic sports car from ending up on the end of a tow truck’s salvage hook? It makes most ‘Vette owners shudder to think that any of their cars would end up that way. Well, here are a few helpful hints that will keep your prize car looking mint for many more years to come. Read More»