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3 Key Tips When Using An HP Tuner To Maximize Your Sports Car's Performance

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If you have a sports vehicle, maximizing its performance is important. This is particularly true if you race competitively. You can tap into the full potential of your sports car by using an HP tuner. Using one of these tuners can be a smooth process thanks to these tips.  Save Your Car’s Stock Parameters  Now, when using an HP tuner, you’re probably going to want to adjust a lot of performance parameters with your sports car. Read More»

Promoting Your Product Through Giveaways And Samples

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When you have a product that you want to promote, sometimes a giveaway or promotional item is a good way to do that. In some cases, the promotional item might be something related to the product branding on it, other times it might be a sample of the product for people to try. Depending on the product and the industry you are in, giving away a sample of the actual product might not be possible; that promo items could be your best option. Read More»

How To Keep Your Vintage 'Vette Looking Mint

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You did it. You finally bought a vintage ‘Vette, and it is a sweet ride. There is just one problem. How do you keep this classic sports car from ending up on the end of a tow truck’s salvage hook? It makes most ‘Vette owners shudder to think that any of their cars would end up that way. Well, here are a few helpful hints that will keep your prize car looking mint for many more years to come. Read More»