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Promoting Your Product Through Giveaways And Samples

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When you have a product that you want to promote, sometimes a giveaway or promotional item is a good way to do that. In some cases, the promotional item might be something related to the product branding on it, other times it might be a sample of the product for people to try. Depending on the product and the industry you are in, giving away a sample of the actual product might not be possible; that promo items could be your best option.

Simple Things With Big Returns

Sometimes the smallest, simplest items can be the ones that have the most return on investment for you. For instance, a vinyl sticker that you give out at an event can have a reach far beyond the guy you gave the sticker to. If that person displays that sticker on their car window or somewhere that others can see it, you are getting more reach, and you are not paying for those additional people to see the sticker and the only investment was for the original sticker that you gave out an event or show.

Items For Promoting Car Parts

Car enthusiasts are often very brand loyal, so if you can get them to come to your brand, they will tell their friends. Giving away things to help people discover your accessories or parts is often effective as well. Some things that work well for car parts and accessories are items that will end up in the car. For instance, a car air freshener with your logo on it is a great way to keep your brand in mind for many folks. And let's face it, a cool air freshener is going to end up on the mirror of a lot of cars and trucks if you hand them out free. And if air fresheners are what you sell, then getting people to try them could be the thing you need to make them the next hot item in the accessory marketplace.

Competition Can Be Stiff

 In the world of car parts and accessories, the competition to capture the market is tough. Many small companies find it hard to stand out so making your company come to mind first is a lot about seeing the brand over and over. Those stickers, air fresheners, and other giveaway items can be very effective but following it up with in-store marketing, a solid social media and email campaign, and ads in the right magazines and trade papers can make all the difference.

For more information on promotional air fresheners, contact your local auto accessory store.