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Adding A Layer Of Protection To Vulnerable Areas Of Your Vehicle

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Most cars, trucks, and SUVs have similar areas that can be damaged simply by driving the vehicle daily. The paint on the front and around the sides of the vehicles is often exposed to sand, rocks, and debris kicked up off the road in front of your car and can cause paint chips and scratches, but adding a paint protection film to these vulnerable areas can help.

Protecting Your Paint

Paint protection films are available in smooth and slightly textured finishes and are most often clear so that once in place on the vehicle, you will not be able to tell the film is there unless you look very closely at the surface. Installing a paint protection film is not difficult on flat body panels. Still, if the car or truck has a lot of curves or angles on the front, it can be challenging to get the film to lay smoothly over the paint without leaving bubbles under the film that will be highly noticeable. Taking the vehicle to a shop that does this work every day is often the best way to ensure that the film looks good, adheres appropriately, and covers all the areas of concern on the vehicle. If you want to add additional film to the rockers or door bottoms later, you can do that at home, but any area that will require stretching the film and contouring it to fit is best handled by a professional installer.

Prepping Your Vehicle

Before any paint protection film is installed on the body of your vehicle, it is vital to check the car for existing damage that will show through the film. If you do not fix any dings and scratches before the film is put on the vehicle, you will essentially preserve the damage by covering it in transparent film. Take the car to a body shop or detailer that can touch up rock chips and minor scratches before installing the film. In many cases, the same shop that is making the repairs for you can install the paint protection film, so you may be able to have all the work done in one place.

Once the repairs are made, the area you will cover needs to be clean so the film will adhere correctly. The paint protection film will do an excellent job of preserving the areas that could be hit by small rocks and road debris, but if you notice a chip in the film itself, it is crucial to have the piece replaced, or it will no longer provide protection for the paint under it. Dirt, sand, and other small materials can work under the film and cause problems, but the installer that puts the film on for you can repair the area to avoid additional problems and keep your vehicle protected. 

For more information, contact an auto body shop that offers paint protection film services, such as Highline Customs