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3 Key Tips When Using An HP Tuner To Maximize Your Sports Car's Performance

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If you have a sports vehicle, maximizing its performance is important. This is particularly true if you race competitively. You can tap into the full potential of your sports car by using an HP tuner. Using one of these tuners can be a smooth process thanks to these tips. 

Save Your Car's Stock Parameters 

Now, when using an HP tuner, you're probably going to want to adjust a lot of performance parameters with your sports car. This editing process constantly changes. One parameter may be something one day and you may decide to change it the next, until you find an optimal balance.

Whatever changes you make, it helps to save your car's stock parameters on some type of file. These factory settings may be needed if you change the parameters too much and then end up realizing you liked the settings the way they were before. With saved stock parameters, you can always start from scratch. 

Utilize HP Tuner on Live Drives 

So that you have some idea of what you want to adjust with the HP tuner, you first need to log your vehicle's stock performance metrics on live drives. Only then can you see exactly how your sports car is performing and determine what metrics should be adjusted.

For meaningful readings using the HP tuner, take your sports car through different environments. These should include busy streets, neighborhoods, and around major highways. Your HP tuner can then analyze the performance of your vehicle in these different situations and provide in-depth data logs. 

Keep Data Logs Organized 

After using an HP tuner for several weeks, you're going to have sheets and sheets of data logs detailing your sports car's performance. These sheets need to be organized because if you don't, you probably will forget what you're looking at. Then, it's virtually impossible to decide what to adjust with your sports car.

The best way to keep track of these performance data logs is to use some sort of spreadsheet software, where you can organize tabs based on the types of performance metrics. For example, there can be one tab strictly for engine horsepower and another tab for braking abilities. 

Having a sports car is great, but sometimes you want to unlock its true potential. You can using an HP tuner. As long as you know what these tuners do and familiarize yourself with their features and settings, you should have great results using them. Contact a company, like Calibrated Addiction, for more help.