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How To Keep Your Vintage 'Vette Looking Mint

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You did it. You finally bought a vintage 'Vette, and it is a sweet ride. There is just one problem. How do you keep this classic sports car from ending up on the end of a tow truck's salvage hook? It makes most 'Vette owners shudder to think that any of their cars would end up that way. Well, here are a few helpful hints that will keep your prize car looking mint for many more years to come.

Protect the Floors with Corvette Floor Mats

The fastest way to mess up a car's interior is by placing wet or muddy feet on the floor upholstery. That is why every new car, regardless of the make and model, is equipped with Corvette floor mats. In the case of vintage automobiles, if it still has its original floor mats, and the mats are as clean as the car itself, that makes the car even more valuable. If your car does not have its original mats, you can find some online, or purchase reproductions directly from the manufacturer.

Wash, Wax, and Protect Monthly, or Semi-Monthly

Depending on the weather, you may want to wash, wax, and protect your "baby" at least monthly or semi-monthly. Use only pre-approved products meant for vintage automobiles to reduce the risk of paint and metal deterioration. Also make sure you dry your vehicle thoroughly, as older cars like yours are more prone to rust than modern vehicles due to their advanced age.

Put the Vehicle in Storage During Excessively Wet Seasons or Winter

Anyone who knows anything about vintage autos knows that you put your classic car in storage for the winter. You also put the vehicle in storage during excessively wet seasons, when all of that water can really rust out the bottom of the vehicle. Leave the car in storage until it is substantially dryer and warmer and/or all of the snow has melted and is not likely to return. Better still, put your vintage 'Vette in climate-controlled storage to maintain the engine, tires, and upholstery and prevent temperature damage to these parts of the vehicle.

Drive It Only for Special Occasions

There is only so much in this world that is sadder than a vintage car being driven until its engine is worn out and its mileage is exceedingly high. Keeping the miles low on your classic car means that you drive it only for special occasions. It also means that you only drive it short distances, and you do not attempt a cross-country scene from Smokey and the Bandit.