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Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Aluminum Trailers For Your Next Trailer Purchase

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Many pull-behind trailers are typically constructed of wood flatbeds over steel frames and wheel hubs. Over time, the wood in these trailers wears out–chipping splintering and cracking straight through. Some rust or corrosion also occurs because of the fasteners that some companies use to secure the frames and wheel hubs to the wooden beds. You can bypass all of that by purchasing an aluminum trailer instead. Here are three reasons why you should consider aluminum trailers for your next trailer purchase. Read More»

Two Factors To Consider When Choosing A Sliding Tarp System

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For very large or oddly-sized equipment, flatbed trucks offer the perfect solution. The only real drawback is that flatbed trucks don’t offer protection from the elements in the form of a covering. A sliding tarp system can offer this protection. These devices are waterproof, flexible tarp coverings that can be installed over the top of your load and secured keeping it safe from wind, rain and even intruders. When choosing a sliding cover, here are two important factors to consider. Read More»

How To Change The Front Oxygen Sensor On A 2002 Subaru Impreza

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The first thing you should do when a check engine light comes on in your car is to go to an auto parts store to have them hook up a diagnostic tool to your car’s computer system. The diagnostic tool will produce an error code to alert you to the exact problem. An error code of P0440 means there is something wrong with the emission evaporative system. A bad oxygen sensor is one of the major reasons the check engine light comes on. Read More»

How To Take Your Boring Car Doors To Sporty With Bolt-On Lambo Doors

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Bolt-on Lambo doors, more commonly referred to as BOLD doors or vertical doors, are any sort of car doors that have been converted so that they open up (vertically) instead of out. It is one of the easiest ways to customize your vehicle, and when you use a bolt-on kit it is also one of the fastest automotive projects you can do too. Here is how you can take your boring car doors to sporty with a BOLD kit for your doors. Read More»

Want To Improve Your Car Without Affecting Its Value? Get Window Tinting

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It is not hard to find vehicles with multiple models, which gives the consumer the power of choice. If a person wants to stay on the budget-friendly side, they can opt for the base model, but another individual also has the option to get the sports model that comes with luxurious and high-performance features. If these features do not mesh with what you want or need, you can always add your own. Read More»