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Two Factors To Consider When Choosing A Sliding Tarp System

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For very large or oddly-sized equipment, flatbed trucks offer the perfect solution. The only real drawback is that flatbed trucks don't offer protection from the elements in the form of a covering. A sliding tarp system can offer this protection. These devices are waterproof, flexible tarp coverings that can be installed over the top of your load and secured keeping it safe from wind, rain and even intruders. When choosing a sliding cover, here are two important factors to consider.

Cable Rolling System

The most important thing to consider is what type of cable rolling system you will use with your tarp cover. Flatbeds are absent side walls so you need to install a cable system to support the tarp. Cable rolling systems can be designed in a stationary or retractable form. A stationary cable system stays in place at all times, whereas a retractable system can be moved around.

A stationary system might sound like a better option, but don't overlook the fact that it might also cause issues when loading and unloading. Since the cable system stays in the same place, you will always have to work around it. If you have a retractable system, you can simply move the cable system out of the way during loading and unloading, which can make the process easier.

Crank Control

Next, you want to examine your needs in order to determine the best crank control, which is the device responsible for moving the tarp back and forth across the truck bed. Sliding tarp systems are available with either manual or electric crank controls. Manual control is a system where you manipulate the tarp by physically pulling it open and close or by operating a winding crank.

An electric crank system comes equipped with a motor that allows you to simply press a button to move the tarp around. Naturally, an electric crank will cost considerably more than a manual crank. However, if you are operating in an environment where you are working with several loads each day, an electric crank will allow you to prep your loads in a much shorter time than a manual option, which can increase efficiency and productivity.

The sliding tarp system you choose is meant to be a long-term investment so it is imperative that you choose an option best suited to meet your needs today as well as into the future. Don't hesitate to ask a sales specialist for more information..