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Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Aluminum Trailers For Your Next Trailer Purchase

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Many pull-behind trailers are typically constructed of wood flatbeds over steel frames and wheel hubs. Over time, the wood in these trailers wears out--chipping splintering and cracking straight through. Some rust or corrosion also occurs because of the fasteners that some companies use to secure the frames and wheel hubs to the wooden beds. You can bypass all of that by purchasing an aluminum trailer instead. Here are three reasons why you should consider aluminum trailers for your next trailer purchase.

They Are Very Lightweight

Aluminum is generally a much lighter metal than steel, and aluminum trailers are lighter and easier to pull than traditional trailers. A certain amount of horsepower in your engine is generally recommended when you use a traditional pull-behind trailer that is heavy-laden with supplies or recreational equipment. However, most aluminum trailers are lightweight enough that a mid-sized passenger car can pull them without putting too much strain on the engine. This is a bonus for anyone who does not own a truck and trailer hitch.

They Will Not Cause as Much Damage If You Crash Them

Nobody ever wants to crash a trailer into anything, but in the event that you back your trailer into or through something, or the trailer smacks into the back of your vehicle because you had to stop short, an aluminum trailer causes less damage. This is because their lightweight frame and construction is more likely to bend and crunch in on itself before it can crush anything else, unlike the steel and wood trailers, which would crash right through objects in its path. Of course, this also depends on what you are hauling on/in the trailer too, since a couple of ATVS can make up the difference between the weight of an empty aluminum trailer and and empty steel and wood trailer.

They Do Not Rust or Corrode

One-hundred percent aluminum trailers cannot rust or corrode. That means they will always look clean and shiny and never fall apart from rust eating away at them, nor will they discolor and obtain a corroded patina. (This includes the wheels, the area that usually has the most problems with rust on the traditional pull-behind trailers.) If you need to wash these trailers, spraying them down with a little water from the garden hose is sufficient to clean them and it will never affect the finish and shine of an aluminum trailer.