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How To Take Your Boring Car Doors To Sporty With Bolt-On Lambo Doors

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Bolt-on Lambo doors, more commonly referred to as BOLD doors or vertical doors, are any sort of car doors that have been converted so that they open up (vertically) instead of out. It is one of the easiest ways to customize your vehicle, and when you use a bolt-on kit it is also one of the fastest automotive projects you can do too. Here is how you can take your boring car doors to sporty with a BOLD kit for your doors.

Step 1: Buy A BOLD Kit for Your Specific Car Year, Make and Model

Bolt-on Lambo kits are made with specific car makes and models in mind. Before you run out and purchase the very first BOLD kit you see, make sure it is meant for your car. Buying a BOLD kit that only works for a Mustang is not going to work for Camaro. The door designs and shapes are entirely different, and the bolt-on kits are not meant to be universal in the least. Additionally, some makes and models of cars were extensively redesigned such that the doors of one make and model from twenty years ago are almost nothing like the doors on the current make and model. You have to get the kit that fits the make, model and year of the vehicle on which you want to complete this project.

Step 2: Remove Your Car Doors from the Current Hinges

When you open your car doors, look for the hinges. There should be some bolts and nuts that attach the doors to the traditional hinges. You will need to undo these to remove your doors. If the hinges are hidden within the panels of the car door and the front side panels of the vehicle, then you might have to remove these panels to get to the hinges. Once the doors are off, then remove the rest of the original hinges. Now you are ready for the installation of the Lambo hinges.

Step 3: Install the Lambo Hinges on the Car

Next, take the Lambo door hinges in your kit and align their bolting face plates with those left on your vehicle. Bolt the securing faceplates of the hinges to the body of the car where the original hinges used to be. Once these are secure and not budging, you can attach the doors to the moving arms of the Lambo hinges. The doors should now move and open upwards freely and close back down with ease. Contact a business that specializes in Quality Lambo Doors for more information.