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4 Types Of Tint You Can Use On Your Vehicle

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When it comes to tinting the windows on your vehicle, there are actually various types of window tint films you can use on your vehicle. Each type of window tint has different advantages and drawbacks, which is why you want to carefully choose the type of window tint you apply to your vehicle.

Type #1: Ceramic Window Tint

One of the top types of window tint is a ceramic window tent. A ceramic window tent is the most expensive type of window tint you can have applied to your vehicle.

There are some benefits to ceramic window tint that other types of window tint just don't have. To start with, it is difficult to scratch ceramic window tint. Additionally, ceramic window tint doesn't easily fade, so the color stays strong for a long time. It does a great job keeping out solar heat as well as harmful UV rays. A ceramic window tent usually has a matt finish.

Ceramic window tint is expensive but worth the cost due to its strength and durability.

Type #2: Carbon Window Tint

Another type of high-quality window film is a carbon window film. Carbon window film is made from carbon particles, which do a great job reducing the heat that gets into your vehicle. It is designed to provide you with great UV protection and helps insulate your car.

It is a more expensive type of window tint, but it provides your vehicle with additional UV protection on top of looking great.

Type #3: Dyed Window Film

The most affordable type of window film is a dyed window film. This type of window film is dyed a dark color. It looks dark on the outside, but on the inside of your vehicle, the film is designed to look clear. The film provides you with good visibility.

Dyed window film is affordable and easy to apply but is not very long-lasting. The dye in the film does fade over time, and the window film doesn't really help cool your vehicle off that much, nor does it block out harmful UV rays.

Type #4: Metallised Window Film

Right in the middle, price-wise, is metalized window film. This type of window film is actually made from microscopic metal particles. This changes the appearance of the window film. Metallised window film has more of a metallic finish to it and does a great job keeping out heat. However, metalized window film can also get in the way of phone and radio reception.

When it comes to window film for your vehicle, if you want a matte finish, choose a ceramic or carbon window tint. If you want a window film with a more metallic look to it, try metalized window film. If you want some really affordable window film, try dyed window film.