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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Undercoating On Your New Car

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Did you recently buy a new car? If so, you likely want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Maintaining the car properly can go a long way towards keeping the car running for years into the future. You can also protect your car by applying undercoating to the car's undercarriage. Undercoating is a chemical compound that is sprayed onto the metal components below the car, such as the suspension, the brakes, and even the engine and various parts under the hood. Most dealers offer undercoating, but you can also get it after you purchase the car from an undercoating service. Here are three reasons why you may want to get undercoating on your car:

It prevents rust damage. The undercarriage of your car is particularly vulnerable to rust damage. Unlike your car's exterior, the undercarriage isn't painted. That means there's nothing protecting it from the elements. Also, the undercarriage is the part of your car that is most likely to come in contact with the elements. Moisture on the road can easily rise up and condense on your metal parts. During winter weather, snow accumulation can do serious damage to the bottom of your car.

All of this contact with moisture can lead to rust damage, which can ultimately lead to a need to replace certain parts. Undercoating uses a mixture of several elements, like fiberglass and silicone, to prevent moisture intrusion. That keeps your parts rust-free and working properly for a long period of time.

It suppresses noise. One of the unique benefits of undercoating is that it makes for a quieter ride. A lot of your in-car noise while you're driving comes from beneath the car. The tires may be loud on the roadway or the suspension may operate noisily. Undercoating is substantial enough that it can block out much of the noise. That keeps the sound outside the car so you can have a more comfortable ride.

It provides balance. Undercoating may be a spray-on substance, but it's substantial enough that it has some weight to it. In fact, it has enough weight to balance out your car for a smoother ride. The undercoating will add weight to the center of the car, between the wheels. That will provide more balance, especially when turning. If your car is prone to tipping, such as some types of jeeps and SUVs, then undercoating could be a very beneficial safety feature in addition to its protective qualities.

For more information, talk to a car undercoating dealer in your area. They can help you find determine whether undercoating is right for you.