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Restoring A Vintage Car? How To Protect It This Winter

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With winter here, it’s time to start preparing your vintage car for the upcoming weather change. If this will be your first winter caring for your vintage car, you might not realize all the details that need to go into protecting your valuable possession. Winter weather can wreak havoc on your vintage car, which means you should take steps to protect it before the weather officially changes. Protecting your vintage car during the winter is important, whether you’ve completed the restoration, or you’re still in the process. Read More»

Temperature Control Options For Your Vehicle

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Many car owners are considering the ways that they can get more energy efficiency out of their cars. Aside from trading in the car for a newer model, using temperature control tactics is a great method for keeping fuel costs at bay and protecting the lifespan of the engine. The less you have to use the car’s internal heating system, the better. Here are some alternate options for car temperature control. Read More»